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Anaphylaxis for vaccinators online update

Welcome to your online update on anaphylaxis assessment. To pass the assessment you need to have completed the anaphylaxis learning activities and also score 90% in this assessment. You can attempt the assessment

As a reminder the learning objectives to be assessed are as follows:

  • We will explore what anaphylaxis is.
  • We will cover who gets anaphylaxis.
  • We will help you understand the causes of anaphylaxis.
  • We will guide you on how to identify anaphylaxis.
  • Finally, we will tell you how to treat anaphylaxis.

The quiz can be found in your learning dashboard. Once you successfully complete the anaphylaxis quiz you will receive a certificate. You can access your certificates in your dashboard.

Please note we will send you a reminder email next year to remind you that your anaphylaxis update is due.

National minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training for registered healthcare practitioners (

Course Information

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor


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