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COVID-19 vaccination clinical update

This course is designed to provide an annual clinical update on the Covid-19 vaccinations. The course is designed to bring you up to date with the clinical aspects of the available Covid-19 vaccinations.

In late 2019 a new respiratory infection emerged in Wuhan province in China. Symptoms resembled SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and samples were taken from affected patients.

The virus was sequenced by January 2020 and identified as a newly emerged virus of the coronaviridae family, designated SARS-CoV-2.

Analysis showed SARS-CoV-2 was genetically distinct from the SARS coronavirus but did resemble coronaviruses found in bats in China.

COVID-19 disease proceeded to spread globally at an alarming rate and the WHO declared a pandemic in March 2020.

This training must be used in combination with the practical courses (basic life support, anaphylaxis and practical vaccination skills) you are required to complete in order to make a declaration of competence in the area of influenza vaccination.

This clinical update should be completed annually so with your permission we will remind you in 11 months time that this training is again due for completion.

On successful completion of the quiz at the end, we will add a certificate of completion to your Pharmacy in Practice learning dashboard. We will also award you a one-hour CPD achievement. This will also be stored as a record of achievement within your Pharmacy in Practice dashboard.

Learning objectives for this module include the following:

  • We will help you understand the clinically relevant background information about the COVID-19 including the following:
    • Origin.
    • Epidemiology.
    • Signs and symptoms.
    • Transmission.
    • Risk factors.
    • Long Covid.
    • Complications.
    • Pregnant women and neonates.
  • We will learn about the vaccines currently used to protect people. We will look at the following aspects of the vaccines:
    • The different vaccines currently licensed.
    • Mecahnism of action.
    • Real workld efficacy.
    • Variants and vaccine efficacy.
    • Allergy.
    • Vaccine warnings.
    • Co-administration with other vaccines.
    • Dosing schedule.
    • Duration of protection.
    • Clinical risk groups.
    • JCVI recommendations.
    • Vaccine storage.
    • Preparation of the vaccines.
    • Administration of the vaccines.
    • Adverse events.
  • We know that people accessing your COVID-19 vaccination services may have many questions so we have curated a list of frequently asked questions. We will pre-empt some of the questions that patients may ask.

Please read our CPD disclaimer before enrolling. We recommend that you consult the BNF or the specific summary of product characteristics for dosing decisions.


Public Health England (PHE); COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a; Published 27 November 2020, Last updated 16 September 2021 available here.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Understanding the COVID-19 illness

The COVID-19 vaccines

Frequently asked questions

Feedback and post course reflective revalidation entry

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