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Travel health IP programme: Case study

This step in our structured programme will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the intricacies of travel health delivered from a community pharmacy by considering and responding to a case study.

Central to the programme is an assessment process, comprising detailed case studies and scenarios derived from actual travel health consultations. These scenarios present diverse challenges encountered in real-world settings, requiring candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in addressing them. To substantiate responses, candidates are encouraged to reference authoritative sources such as the Green Book, ACMP guidelines, and TravelHealthPro/Travax.

Complementing the case studies are 10 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which serve to assess candidates’ comprehension across various domains of travel health. This case study will reflect scenarios which are akin to those encountered in official Travel Medicine examinations in the UK and Ireland, providing a standardized means of evaluation.

Upon completion of this case study, your responses undergo rigorous evaluation by specialist practitioners in travel medicine. This evaluation forms part of the overall assessment of your capability to within the clinical area. This ensures that responses adhere to established standards of proficiency, validating your readiness to practice in the field of travel health.

Testing yourself and getting feedback from our specialist practitioners in travel health will hopefully provide rich opportunities to explore your own current level of capability but also identify opportunities for development in the future.

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