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Travel health IP programme: Written assessment

This step in our structured program provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the intricacies of travel health delivered from community pharmacy. Submitting yourself for assessment is an important step towards advancing your practice.

Central to this program is the assessment process, comprising detailed questions derived from actual travel health consultations. These assessment presents diverse challenges encountered in real-world settings, requiring candidates to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in addressing them.

The questions in the assessment have been derived from authoritative travel sources such as the Green Book, ACMP guidelines, and TravelHealthPro/Travax. This part of the assessment comprises 10 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which serve to assess your comprehension across various domains of travel health. These questions are akin to those encountered in official Travel Medicine examinations in the UK and Ireland, providing a standardized means of evaluation.

You get one attempt at this assessment and there is a generous time limit. Once complete your record of completion will appear in your student dashboard.

Good luck!

Travel health IP support programme